The EPIC Players are an inclusive company of neuro-typical and alter-abled actors, directors, designers, educators and technicians alike; effectively redefining the face of current mainstream theatre.

Company members participate in the EPIC ​performance season and all EPIC skills and development classes.

Company membership is by audition only. Auditions are held twice a year and on a rolling basis by appointment only.

Please email: info@epicplayersnyc.org for more information or to schedule an audition.

 Our Leadership

and Creative Team

Aubrie Therrien

Executive Artistic Director


Meggan Dodd

Director of Devised Theatre


Talia Eapen

Director of Operations


Travis Burbee

Associate Artistic Director


JOnathan Ivie

Cabaret Co-Music Director

Amaker Smith

Cabaret Co-Music Director

Kylie Hogrefe

Development Associate




2018/2019 EPIC Company

Samantha Elisofon

Carol Hoverman

Gideon Pianko

Ben Rosloff

Melissa Jennifer Gonzalez

Andrew Kader

Brandon Looney*

Lauren Callen*

Nick Moscato

Zachary Lichterman

Whitney Blythe

Max Baudisch*

Miles Butler*

Anton Spavick

Ari Sloan

Jeffrey McFarland

Nathaniel Tomb

Marc Anthony Mendez

Paolo Perez

Kathryn Cristofano

Nicole D'Angelo  

Gianluca Cirafici

David Bonderoff

Yasha Kaminer

Dante Jayce*

Kim Carter

Danielle Coles

Nicky Gottlieb

Courtney Renee Stallings*

Bree Klauser*

Yotam Braunshtein

Jessica Saul*

Ben Hill

Jason Moy

Jesus Chavez

Carly Hayes

Nick Amodio

Eric Zimmer

Shayna Goldberg

Matt McCarthy

Fredrick Staine 

Samuel Sklar

*denotes company mentor*

Our Board

Marguerite Elisofon 

Robin Reinach 

Dr. Sam Goldstein 

Kathryn Ivie

Stacey Nettelton

Dr. Dan Garfinkel

Talia Eapen

Aubrie Therrien

Doreen Meyers (advisory)

Robin Carus (advisory)

Melle Randall (advisory)

Heather Zayde (advisory)

EPIC Players Inc. 

Phone: 347-687-7610

Email: info@epicplayersnyc.org

138 South Oxford Street, Suite 3D

Brooklyn, New York, 11217

©2016 by EPIC

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